Product List

  Our Hologram & allied products are as under:

a. Security Holograms (In reel or sheet form).
b. Promotional or Decorative Holograms.
c. Hot Stamping Holograms (In reel form).
d. Self Adhesive Labels with continuous Holographic strip.
e. Holographic Self Adhesive Tape.
f. Holographic WADS for Induction sealing system.
g. Holographic ID cards.
h. Transparent or semi-transparent Holograms.
i. Scratch off Holograms with inside printing.
j. Void security sticker to prevent pilferage.
k. Holographic PVC Shrink sleeves.

Apart from those we can supply Honey comb foiled Holograms & can insert sequential number on Holograms. As a matter of fact we are the integrated House can provide you total Brand protection system with Hologram & its diversification.